Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rollers Resumed Part the Second

Things looking good in the Cellar of Suffering with a 33% increase in attendance over Week 1 with 9 riders in total plus Mr Timeywimey on the watch phone.

Sadly no PBs this week. For the first time in a while we ran 3 rounds plus a handicap with the eventual winner being Mr Paul Howell.

As we now move ever closer to Round 1 of the Faustos League for 2016/17 we need to see all our regulars down the hole especially you gals!  Practice makes perfect.  Support your Club as we endeavour to retain our overall titles. Report to your Captain Mr T Brabbin for duty.

Here are the figures:

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Imps Club Mountain Time Trial 2016

With the Hon Organiser having once more selected a time and date in keeping with his ongoing record for getting everyone cold and wet in every event he runs, it was a foolhardy hardy band of nine Imps and one Condor who signed on the dotted CTT Club Event Type B Form dotted line..

Eight chaps and two chappesses all completed the course.  In addition a further five hardmen elected to stand at the roadside to oversee proceedings with sundry red flags.

Once again the thanks of the Club and the Organiser to Ian Scott, John Kaye, John Hopkinson, Lewis Clegg and Reid Anderson for devotion to duty.

Some random Star Wheeler who just happened to be passing also helped push off so Mr Clegg could take on his Event Photographer duties - cheers Dave Saleem.

Mr Shaw Club record holder at 10 and 25 awaiting the off

Ms Lee having excercised her woman's perogative by being late for her start goes off last with a stern telling-off

Gargett Minor heading for his pie..

 Mr Ellis using a standard number of wheels on this occaision

 Mr Ginley flying the flag for the Condor....wonder where the rest of them were? Must have flown South for the Winter.

 Ms Burbidge gets going. Not entirely sure what Mr Saleem is doing at this point. Answers on a postcard please.

Mr Lunn demonstrating his contempt for long sleeves 

Mr Brabbin departs blissfully unaware that Mr Saleem has had another unfortunate accident...
 Mr Cre finishing. Apparently he had suffered so badly that he was only able to eat one pie at the HQ...

and finally today's winner Gargett Major

 Just to show you what riders and officials had to endure in case you weren't there and wondered....

And here are the results:

So once again thanks from me to all who rode, marshalled, ran the siging on desk (Betty and Alfie with input from Mrs Mann) and organised the HQ and the pies (Lewis C)

Hon Event Secretary ANM

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Club Mountain TT 16/10

Just a reminder that the Club Mountain TT on the new Barkisland-Outlane-Barkisland course is this Sunday with first rider off at 10:01.  

This is a CTT inter-club type event which requires a £2 entry fee for the levy to CTT and riders to sign on and wear a number.  

Signing on is at Greetland Sports & Community Centre from 09:30.  Samantha will be dealing with this.  Numbers will be given out in the order that people arrive.  

The timekeeper is me and the pusher off is Lewis C.

We require marshalls - one or two at Buckstones junction and everyone else at the turn at the Outlane M62 junction - just the same as the open event in May. Signs, flags & marshall jackets can be collected from the HQ.  If you are not riding please come and help.

I drove part of the course last night on the way home from work due to M62 issues and it was fine and hopefully will remain so on Sunday.

We anticipate there will be pie and peas afterwards at cost.

ANM (ps two or more wheels if possible...)

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Final Release of the Mille Pennines Ride Report...

Day 1
1. Arnside 60km
A quick dry start 44kmh at some points.
I realised after an hour or so that I'd left my water bottles in my car.
We got to the control before the Albion pub opened (at 12:00), so went to the shop opposite.
A group of about 20 arrived.
Only the 3 of us set off (Adrian, Sean and I) together.
We rode the The Westmorland Spartans 300km together.
2. Whinlatter Pass 71 -> 131km
Slower pace and getting a bit wetter.
Weird weather going up Whinlatter Pass could see the rain evaporate from the road.
I was very hungry and had baked potato with beans and cheese, chocolate cake and a pot of tea.
Felt a lot better after some hot food.
3. Seascale 45 -> 176km
Headed for Hardnott Pass and Wrynose Pass.
I was lucky with traffic that I could pick my route up Hardnott unhindered.
Wrynose seemed easy in comparison.
Waited for Adrian and Sean under a tree next a farm at the bottom of Wrynose.
Another 2 joined me to shelter while they waited for others to arrive.
I took the opportunity to eat what food I had in my pockets and any drink I had.
Adrian and Sean arrived advising they too had conquered both climbs without putting a foot down.
Saw a sign for bike shop in Windermere so got 2 water bottles and some oil (just in case it rains heavily).
The cafe was shut so had to pick up some food at the supermarket on the corner.
Stood inside out of the wind to eat.
4. Askrigg 108 -> 284km
Night riding (for the first time on this event) at a slow pace.
Sean was having problems with his leg.
Got in to sleep stop which was an outward bound centre which had rooms with 4 bunk beds in.
Sean disappeared to bed. Adrian managed to secure he and I a bunk.
I had some pasta and went bed I think at about 3 am.
It was very chaotic with the anount of tired riders coming and going.
I was continually disturbed until about 5 am and it went quiet all of a sudden.
Adrian had got up, but I stayed in bed as we'd arranged to get up at 06:30.
Managed to get about an hours uninterrupted sleep.
Day 2
5. Stanhope 66 -> 350km
Had cornflakes and tea for breakfast.
Looking forward to a long day hard day in the saddle.
Sean abandoned at the start going straight to the train station.
Some of this route was sort of familar as Adrian and I had done the route in the other direction in the Tan Hill 600 km.
We arrived at a familiar site at Stanhope, the ford, last time we went across on the stepping stones.
Remembering that ones of the stones is loose I decided to just ride across, I do it all the time for the one in Brighouse.
This was one was slightly more slippery, but still easier than carrying my bike over the stones. Safer?
6. Kielder 87 -> 437km
Still familiar roads.
Adrian riding slowly.
I waited at the top of the first hill ascending from Stanhope.
He said that I should go on my own otherwise it would be 6am before we'd get back to the sleep stop.
I relunctantly left him behind.
Weather getting worser and worser. The views were awesome.
By the time I was alongise the lake at Kielder the rain was that bad that I might as well of swam across.
The rain stopped and was riding on a mirror as there was a sheet of water right across on the road.
Was slowly drying out and thinking it will be ok I can get some hot food at Keilder.
No such luck just crappy corner shop / post office (which was shut by the time some arrived).
I was slightly pissed off, although the rain had stopped.
I had some "Swedish" meatballs and a DIY ham sandwich.
4 riders decided to abandon there, staying in the last 2 vacant rooms in the B&B.
Another rider said that he'd get accommodation at Lockerbie.
7. Lockerbie 68 -> 505km - HALFWAY !!
I left them all there and set off on my own again.
The terrain changed but still awesome.
Got my first puncture going over a dodgy cattle grate.
Weather stayed dry all the way to Lockerbie.
I caught and passed some riders and road with 2 of them into Lockerbie, they decided to only have a quick stop at petrol station.
I went to the same takeaway I'd used on the Tan Hill Audax, which had a comfy sofa and chair.
Had a donner kebab, with salad.
Riders that I'd passed started to arrive to fill the takeaway, all glad that the weather was better and we'd finally got dry.
8. Penrith 71 -> 576km
Another quick part doing over 30 kmh, because of a tail wind and long straight road, which I ridden the other way with Adrian.
Making good time until I heard a twang and I ran over something metal. Looked down but couldn't see anything wrong so continued while the going was good.
Eventually I started hearing a repeating clicking sound, so stopped to find that I had half a spoke flapping around from the rim. The wheel was still dead straight (another advantage of disk brakes).
Tried snapping it off completely but I couldn't so just wrapped it around 2 spokes to get it out of the way and continued.
It started getting dark and evenually was completely dark.
I caught another 2 riders up and asked them if they had spoke key. One of the did but was the wrong size? But he managed to snap the spoke thankfully.
They asked me to hold 2 beds for them in Askrigg and continued on.
After a while I was getting tired and did not want to pass the Penrith.
At around midnight I was passing through a town / city came up to a road that was closed off, I presume because it was full drunkards staggering around.
Had to ask a bloke coming out of a takeaway whether the place I was riding through was Penrith or not.
It was Carlisle, asked how to get Penrith he said it was about 20 miles up the road and asked if I had a B&B there.
I just said thanks, releaved that I hadn't passed it and therefore the control.
When I eventually got to Penrith I found a takeway open and had a "beef" burger and 2 cans of coke with all the drunks.
9. Askrigg 70 -> 646km
Passed 2 riders about halfway.
This part was pretty uneventful, mainly due to my awesome dynamo light that enabled me to power on without worry.
That was until I got another puncture 11km from the sleep stop.
As it was pitch black I continued on very slowly looking for something with a light.
Found a house with a light on outside. Went through the gate fixed it as quickly as possible.
I was pumping the tyre up and their dogs started barking so I rushed to finish. Tyre pumped up just enough to get me to the sleep stop, where I could use a track pump?
Got in around 3 am. Asked Andy if he had a track pump, answer was no.
Got to bed around 4am after eating beans on toast and rice pudding and drinks lots and lots of cups of tea.
Day 3
10. Yarm 64 -> 710km approx
Got up at about 08:30 had a good 4 hours sleep so was well refreshed.
Had cornflakes and yet more tea.
Set off at about 09:30.
The sun was out and the going was good and I felt good and had a tailwind.
Just one incident which was within the first 10km a branch fell from a tree right in front of me.
All in all there were some lovely roads and views.
Caught a rider at some traffic lights (which was a rare sight) he advised that he'd abandoned and was just out for a ride, he was just going to Yarm and then heading to Blackpool not going all the way to Robin Hood's Bay.
As I got to Yarm I was seeing signs advising that Yarm was left, but the route was pointing straight on.
Decided to follow the route.
Then on a roundabout I saw one the guys that I ridden into Lockerbie with.
He said to use the petrol station or go down into Yarm.
Petrol station it was then, a meal deal and a mocha.
11. Robin Hood's Bay 65 -> 775km
Weather still good thankfully all the way and more lovely roads and views and still a tailwind.
Enoying the ride thinking I'm heading to the east coast only to turn round and head for the west coast.
I passed the tandem and on a decent nearly came off when some motorcycles were coming the other way and I had to manoeuvre round them.
Then remembered I had a puncture last night and hadn't pumped up the tyre fully.
Got to the top of the hill and admired the view for a while, had a drink and checked the trye yep it was not hard. Obviously I rectified that.
Had fish and chips in the regular stop was is just before the decent to the beach, it was a cafe previously for the Pendle 600.
12. Thirsk 77 -> 852km
3 climbs at 33% to go OMG. I knew one of them was Rosedale Chimney no idea about the other 2.
The first came very soon after Robin Hood's Bay.
Got about halfway up and my legs told me you either do this climb or the rest of the ride.
So walking it was then. The next was soon to follow. I got off pretty much as it started to go over 25%.
After a while saw a sign Rosedale 8 miles.
Which was good meaning that in about 9-10 miles all the big steep climbs would be behind me.
Got to the corner just before the steep bit and got off (same place as last time, previously due to a freshly broken collarbone).
On the decent I was feeling good and passed another set of riders.
As expected the ride was much flatter, but had a head wind.
I caught up passed 3 riders, however I stopped a petrol station for a drink and fill up my water bottles.
Bought some milk, something to eat (can't remember what) and some water for my bottles.
Pretty much downed the milk and realised just as I was finishing it, it tasted funny.
I thought too late now and I'd better just get back on my bike.
I headed up the road and saw signs 25% descent caravans prohibited.
When I finally got to the descent reovertaking the riders I'd passed previously I plummeted down the hill.
And as I was plummeting thinking this is a amazing and scarily crazy.
There wasn't much in Thirsk so I another meal deal in the supermarket.
13. Askrigg 60 -> 912km
I was just about to pass a rider with about 20km to go following the rider I missed a turn.
So went back and followed the route only further up the road to see the rider again and subsequently pass them.
Got to the sleep stop just as it was getting dark at around 22:30 feeling good.
Had beans on toast, rice pudding and lots and lots of tea.
This time the rice pudding even had tinned peaches in it.
I had previously planned that it if I was feeling good, I would ride on through the night.
Other riders were also going through the same thoughts. One guy decided to have 2 hours and set off a 2am. Others getting up at 4am.
A group who arrived a little after me said they were eating and continuing on probably at around 1am.
I had another cup of tea got my stuff together.
Day 4
14. Bispham 100 -> 1012km
Set off around midnight and once again my dynamo light was showing the way.
Doing some calculations I thought I should get to the finish sometime between 4am and 5am.
Most of the way was pitch black only passing a few building now and then.
Was a rolling road with some long decents were I could let the bike go.
Went through a village and as I was turning right a van was coming down the road I was turning into he stopped and asked if I was ok.
I said yes and thanks for stopping, not stopping myself, it was about 2 am and I was heading off into the dark. On a sidenote, still on schedule for a 4am finish.
Was riding along and then all of a sudden I thought I remember this from the Midnight to Morecambe ride.
When I went through Wray I knew I was on the same route, which I followed up to new road near Lancaster (where I nearly got on the motorway, oops).
I feeling good and was taking a Haribo every few miles, counting them down and then not counting then counting them down.
Went through Lancaster which a nice distraction then past Glasson Dock and rode on and on and on.
Eventually getting to a desolate finish at about 03:50.
So I checked in and took photos.

First cellar event of the winter season (or Rollers Revisted)

Yesterday (11 October) saw us return to the Cellar of Suffering for Rollers 2016-17.

After ANM had spent a few happy and entrely swear free minutes putting everything back together (we'd dismantled half the set up to lent to Dave Sowerby) the people who'd been hiding outside whilst the work was done finally knocked on the door for admission......

A total of 6 riding including first-timer Ian Scott.  JK and Adrian attended but used the excuse of going on to a meeting to avoid riding...

A PB for Gary on his first night back in the cellar augers well for him. Ian also recorded a PB after his first effort.

Nikola managed to break the bik on the green roller entirely by ripping the chain stay off by sheer leg-power.

Refuelling afterwards at the X Keys was distressingly pie free.....hopefully this will change now Hugh nows we're back.

In the absence of the PB Fez (ANM forgot to bring it back) the PBers wore the wooly hat of PB instead...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Season of Mists

I turned up to Seasons of Mist having not entered in advance. Like many others, I was waiting to see what the weather was like, and I thought that if it was bad I’d opt for the shorter ride, Mellow Fruitfulness. As it happened, it was a beautiful morning so I went to the sign up desk to get my SOM Brevet and to my surprise they had run out of them! Mind you, I think there were about 150 riders. Anyway, it was no problem for Dave and Helen, who handed me a hand-written one with Chris Crossland’s fine print on it. I was most pleased with it.

Anyway, onto the ride. It started, as usual, with what I happen to think is the worst climb of the day - Heptonstall. I stopped just before the cobbles to adjust my saddle as I’d recently swapped it for one of Sazzy B’s spares and I felt like I was slipping off the back of it - not what you want on a ride full of steep climbs. Charles and Craig found me and helped me out and then off we went. Lewis and Sarah had waited at the top, Brian and Rambo joined us quickly after that, and so we found our group. 

The long causeway was crisp and sunny, not a patch of mist in site. I was able to cool down on the rolling terrain. Apart from my hands - I’d clearly worn my lobster gloves in error. It was probably the flattest few miles of the day and I enjoyed it. In Burnley we picked up Ian Worth who we found repairing a puncture without an audience. Everyone knows you need at least 5 people standing round you when you’ve got a puncture to see to. Pendle hill was dispensed with fairly comfortably owing to the fact that our bunch troughed a load of Jelly Babies just before it (thanks Brian and Craig). The descent to Waddington was thrilling (I think I hit 48mph) and Charles, Sazzy, Rambo and I stopped to have beans on toast. Lewis had soup, he did not need any more fibre.  The others pressed on.

The steady slog out of Waddington got the cafĂ© legs going and there then followed another superb descent. It’s probably my favourite one in England actually, I like the way you can always see quite far ahead so you never really have to brake. So I didn’t.

The bit between there and Chatburn was a series of little roads and I can’t remember that much about it - it simply seemed like I was going up, or going down, never flat, and my hands were too hot. In Chatburn we stopped and fuelled up, I ate some Oreos and then suffered with a stitch all the way to Coldwell. I spent far too long getting one of my sweaty gloves back on and Sazzy B had to help, so Charles declared that if we were to finish in daylight, my glove was not to come off any more. This meant he had to fish a fly out of my eye and eventually I decided that the gloves were coming off and staying off. But where to put them? My jersey only has 2 pockets and they were full of other junk. Rambo and Sazzy had put theirs in their jerseys, over their bellies. I decided to stuff mine over my chest, and I enjoyed my double D for the rest of the afternoon. We reunited briefly with Craig and Brian who had left us at Waddington, but my shouts of “look at me massive temporary chest” caused Craig to stop turning the pedals on a particularly steep bit of the hill. We would not see them again until the activity centre.

The drag up to Coldwell wasn’t quite as bad as I’d remembered, but it did seem to go on rather longer than the advertised 1 ¼ miles. There we stopped for pop and cake and met the Manns along with Betty and Alfie. Andrew was wearing his kilt. I think we’ll have to club in to get him a yellow and blue one. We found Ian again too, he’d had another puncture. Sarah and I stopped later than the others, Sarah was not feeling well and I was in need of a proper rest. We both felt quite a lot better for it.

Widdop is one of my favourite climbs. I like the little steps, the bleak scenery and the rusty burnt out hatchback that’s been there years. I also love the fact that after it, it’s mostly downhill to the finish and you can drink beer and eat pies at the finish. We got up and over it and chatted on our way to Heptonstall where Sarah bombed down at breakneck speed. I hate the camber on that hill so I was a wimp and took it relatively steady. We got to the bottom, did the illegal left turn at the lights, and took the last couple of miles at speed in case the sarnies were running out. 

Jennifer and friends had put on a cracking spread as always, and we found the other imps there chatting and chomping. It was a great day. Thanks Chris and all the CTC helpers, the Manns and especially Jennifer!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

3 Imps do YCF 25TT - by Daniel Shaw

YCF 25 mile Time Trial this morning. Last of the season for me. Was pleased with 57: 51 (25.93mph) bearing in mind the cold and moved start, because of road works, which substantially slowed the course. PB's I believe for Paul (1:01:15) and Tom (1:00:35). You'll both be under the hour next year for sure, along with Ade Barwick who clocked a remarkable 1:06:14 for his first '25' . Chapeau Chaps!
Here's to continued success in 2017!