Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Rollers for 21 February

The hard core of faithful attendees was augmented tonight by Mr Graham Ellis who really only came to pick up a B17 saddle from the Timelord but then proceeeded to ride above him in the league on his second attempt. Chapeau.

Everyone else was skiving off on holidays or hair washing duties.....

Imps reliability ride 26-Feb-2017

It's the reliability ride this Sunday, 9AM from the Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse. The queen stage of the Ride to the Sun series!

£4 entry fee (please bring change)

There are two route options:

75 miles

Brighouse - Odsal - Queensbury- Cross Roads with Lees-Oakworth- Herders- Laneshaw Bridge - Trawden - Haggate - Worsthorne - Walk Mill - Deerplay Moor - Bacup - Sharnyford - Hollingworth Lake - Milnrow - Denshaw - Buckstones - Nont Sarah - Outlane - Rastrick - Brighouse to finish at BECK INN Bradford Road

60 miles

The same till after Worsthorne when straight back to Todmorden - Hebden Bridge - Luddenden Foot - Friendly - Tuel Lane - Sowerby Bridge - Brighouse to finish at BECK INN Bradford Road.


Details on Strava
Details on Facebook
TCX file download (75 miles)
TCX file download (60 miles)

Update: added weather info and 60 mile route file

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tonight's roller results - 07/02/2017

Hoppy's Birthday Supper Run

Thursday 2nd Feb was no ordinary club ride. It was Hoppy’s 70th birthday supper run. The idea of a winter supper run had been discussed previously and when early Feb was suggested Hoppy kindly said he’d pay for the pies - as it was close to his birthday. Being a popular man, it was no surprise when twice the usual number for winter turned up at the toy shop. Even a new lady was out!

The night was a lot milder than the week running up to it, in fact, 14 degrees warmer than the Thursday before. JK took us up Shrogg’s road and up the straight lane climb (is this called road under t’hill?). It was at this point that I regretted wearing that last extra layer. We assembled at the top and continued up and onto Causeway Foot, through Denholme, and right halfway to the Five Flags. Then we travelled through Moscow, down the bonnet, and to the pub. I think. But my memory for routes is terrible. 

My memory for pubs, however, is quite good, mainly owing to the fact that I tend to stop at the one or two pint mark - a woeful insufficiency you might say. Twenty five bikes parked up out the back of the Golden Fleece at Bradshaw, and I think a couple more arrived later. On entering the French doors we saw the crock pot full of peas and some mint sauce and bowls ready. Hoppy placed himself at the bar and bought the entire first round. I had a Saltaire Blonde which was as clear as I have ever seen. Others opted for the Saltaire Pride and there was also a “Baby” Black Mass. 

I was concerned as I had told Stevie (the landlord) to get only twenty five pies. Last time I had ordered pie and peas here we had far fewer people turning up than I had estimated and I didn’t want that to happen again. But thankfully Stevie had bought more than enough pies, some folk managed seconds, and he’d even put some chips on too.

Hoppy had a game of pool and showed off some hidden skills with a fantastic black to finish. Nick Lunn managed to knock over one of Hoppy’s lined up pints with his cue (which was arguably a good move). All in all it was a wonderful evening, save for the aftermath where I believe Hoppy fell off pretty much outside his own house. Thanks should also go to the Golden Fleece who looked after us very well indeed.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Fausto's league final round: Imps vs Ravensthorpe

Another enjoyable evening of racing at Fausto's, big thanks to everyone that raced for the team this season, or came along to support!

In our match with Ravensthorpe, we scored enough to all-but guarantee overall victory in the mens league (Shibden would need a perfect score against HSW to beat us), and our ladies team takes joint 3rd place with 27 points.

This gives us a combined total of 72 points which puts us in second place at the moment, although our final placing might change depending on other results.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Rollers 31 January 2017

Apologies for the delay in posting results....

Another reasonably well attended evening. Sadly no PBs at all but everyone had a good set of 3 rides leading to the usual handicap, won this week by Adrian. Mann junior managed to beat Mann senior again so all was well with the world.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rollers 24 January 2017

After two weeks of skiving off on feeble excuses the Time Lord finally managed to drag his sorry self back to the cellar of suffering accompanied by both the Time Lady, the Time Offspring and the Time Hounds.

Even more amazingly the Timelord managed to ride 3 events plus handicap after skiving off the riding aspect nearly all season thus far.  Nothing special timewise but it's the thought that counts.

Time Offspring however made a fine showing on his first session since goodness knows when by riding three PBs in a row and coming joint second with JK in the handicap. Chapeau (or fez) to Lewis! (NB Lewis is wearing the new club colours.....)

Total riding tonight was seven with the eventual winner of the handicap being Roller Team Captain Tom.