Friday, 12 January 2018

Rollers 9 January 2018

Although a handful of us turned out on 2 January this was mainly to collect club mugs from Martin G and no one turned a pedal in anger. This week saw 6 riders and the Timelord in a cellar that was distinctly damper and colder than usual, possibly because the shop above is now closed so there is less heat from above?

No PBs in the damp and cold. Results below. Everyone had had enough after two rides, even the usually mad keen Charlie P.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

message from Martin Cleminson

Martin Cleminson has asked me to post this message on his behalf:
“Hello everyone. I would like to a massive thank you to everybody who came to our rescue and gave roadside assistance to myself and Gail after coming off on the black ice during the GBCP Audax. Thank you to those who gave help and advice; offered clothing to keep warm; kept a look-out for the ambulance and warned other cyclists of the slippery road, saving them from a similar fate.
It truly was the worst section of black ice I have seen (or not seen!). a SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Andy Mann for getting the bikes back to Halifax (I hope he’s cleaned them!) and to Dave Saleem and Richard Whitehead for getting our car to the hospital carpark (only £11 a day!). it truly made us feel we were part of a team, thank you.

I have basically snapped the ball joint of my hip(trochanteric femur fracture) and Monday evening had an operation to bolt it back together (with titanium screws!) and today during physio took the first couple of steps down the long road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing you all down that road soon. Martin “

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Rollers 12 December

An interesting evening enlivened by the ice rink outside on Rookery Lane on arrival that meant we could barely stand up to walk to the venue! Luckily someone had left a large pile of salt which we enlisted to assist us....

Numbers not very high - only six in all.  One PB for Matthew Parry which nearly went unnoticed as the Timelord was half asleep...apologies!

Charlie only managed to ride FIVE times tonight as he had to go home to bed to be well-rested for his performance as an Innkeeper in tomorrow's school Nativity play.

Timelord junior managed FOUR rides as well. Must be something in the water...

Results below:

Next week is the final evening before the Christmas festivities...let's see if we can have a full house.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Rollers 5th December 2017

As the festive season approaches we had a new face from a not-so-new member in the form of Robert Stanger who managed to ride faster each of his three goes thereby getting two PBs for his troubles. After an absence of some time, Peter Ramsden managed to bring down his 1000m time by some 4 seconds and Matthew Cockerham PBd at both 500 and 1000m to wind up a fairly successful night. 

Charlie Parry was much missed tonight dad!

All times below along with new fez faces:

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Rollers 28 November

Another reasonable turnout of nine this evening. JK sent his apologies as he was laid up with lurgy. Roller team Captain Tom put in his first session of the season. Most junior member Charlie after his debut last week rode FOUR 500m and TWO additional 300m just to show everyone what it's all about....chapeau!

One PB only this week for Matthew C. Chapeau. Sorry we forgot to do a Fez pic... :(

The Matthews C and P along with Tom opted for 1000m this evening and well done to all of them. 

Charlie also has 31.04 and 31.81 for his 300m sessions.

Still plenty of room in the cellar.  Come on all you newer members, let's see some of you down there.