Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Circuit Training 23 May 2017

On a day of grim news from Manchester the sun shone on Norland hill and a goodly turnout was present including two new faces to the hillside of hardwork - Andy Greenwood and Mark Mageean.

Mark only tried one lap this week but that was enough to take him straight to the top of the one lap times chart. Chapeau. Be interesting to see what he can do for two laps.

Andy moved straight to 11th place in the two lap chart on his first attempt and we expect a PB next week now he knows where he is going.

Of the regulars Peter and Sean both produced PBs. Sean by 0.01 of a second and Peter by a rather larger 1 minute and 49 seconds.

Welcome back to Nick S this week as well, only just shy of his PB.

For some reason I had Jason as a PB as well out there on the course but I was delerious on that point. Sorry Jason I was reading the time on Tom's line.

The Timelord was obliged to miss the post-testing beverages due to the cat being locked in the garage but when he got home it had been released....who knew.

Training will continue next week at the usual time. Just a reminder for anyone at a loose end on Wednesday 31st who hasn't entered our Open Hilly Time Trail that marshalls will be needed to stand on the usual corners. Please report to the Chief Timelord at Greetland Sports & Community Centre at 18.30. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Patriotic Ride around our Glorious Countryside

It has been decided that all blog posts to be published henceforth must include a picture of club members saluting the beautiful and triumphant Yorkshire flag. Not doing so will be considered an offence tantamount to treason and those found guilty will be reported, Gestapo like, to Sir Gary of Verity, High Lord of the Kingdom.

I'm crying with pride

A small selection of available Imps had arranged a ride this Sunday, to meet at, (where else?) The Halifax Toy Emporium, at the lazy time of ten am. My reputation as Mr Punctual, early bird and catcher of worms, was once again dented as, for the third Sunday ride running, I was five minutes late. My teammates had read the memo and were wearing club colours. Of course, I had to break all sorts of Velominati rules by wearing a Dimension Data jersey mismatched with multicoloured socks. At least my shorts weren't white.

Joining me and Holly on today's adventure were; Ed 'Barry White' Jandzio and Mathew 'Please Don't Call Me CockyCocks' Cockerham. At a prompt 10:07 we were off on our way. The first part of the ride took us along Burnley Road to Hebden Bridge, before we may or may not have taken a cheeky U-Turn at the Fox and Goose.

Matthew Cobbleham

After negotiating the cobbles of Heptonstall we turned off to the right, towards Widdop. ahead on the road we came across a horse and rider, and we slowed down to pass. As we were still within a five mile radius of Hebden Bridge, there was barely a double take when we noticed that riding shotgun on said horse was a rather satisfied spaniel, accompanied by what appeared to be a former member of The Grateful Dead.

The celeb spotting continued, as shortly after this we were passed by a motorhome being driven by non other than David Hasselhoff, complete with string vest, bronze skin and blonde perm.

Jandzio puts his game face on for the hairpin

Other than that, the road past Widdop Reservoir was gloriously quiet and we stopped to take in the view. Here we took the opportunity to take some moody action shots, fit to grace an advert in Cyclist magazine.

Is that...is that a hill? 

Hydration is the key to urination

There are Imps on them thar hills (if you zoom in)

From Widdop we made our way to Colne in search of a cafe. We trawled the high street and just as we were giving up hope we discovered, like a shining light, a Greggs bakery. Stocked up with baguettes and buns we seated ourselves outside the public library and chowed down. Dismayed to find a complete lack of egg custards in Greggs, Holly couldn't stop herself from checking the Tesco metro opposite. Imagine our surprise when she emerged with four.

Imps Skeleton photobombing the shot


Sexy tubes
Suitably fortified with egg custards and suitably cold from sitting outside in the wind, the four of us resumed the ride. We managed to join the route to Cowling which Hoppy so kindly introduced us to when we did the Clarion House ride a few weeks ago. This time, however, we didn't stop at the Back Lane Ends for a pint.

Bottoms Up!
After much debate we decided to take the lengthy descent from Slippery Ford to Keighley and tackle a debut climb for us: Park Lane and Glen Lee Lane to Cullingworth, from whence Ed took over navigation duties and proceeded to wiggle us around the landscape in order to bring our grand mileage total to a respectable 50+ miles.
A windswept ruin - perhaps Hoppy has slept here?

Pottering along the cycle routes of the grandly named 'Great Northern Trail', we began to get attacked by various insects, which reminded Holly of my ladybird phobia. When in the merchant navy, and working on the Immingham-Rotterdam ferry, my ship was overrun with the black and red dotted git flies, to the extent that they'd be in my bedsheets at night and crawling in and out of the sleeves of my boilersuit throughout my shifts. I used to rather inhumanely blast them from the car decks with a fire hose. Ed commented that 'Ladybirds on a Ferry' could be the underwhelming sequel to 'Snakes on a Plane'.

Poseur of the year award nominations still being accepted

We climbed up to Raggalds and drifted to the Golden Fleece for a refreshment stop. The pub was filled with fans of the football which was being televised at the time so we sat outside and sang 80s tunes. It was then a case of zooming to Halifax and enjoying a club evening of beers, homemade burgers, The Human League, and Alan Partridge all whilst writing a blog of ever decreasing quality. A-ha!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cicuit Training 16 May 2017

As decreed by the Timelord the weather was dry - didn't seem to encourage the sloths from their couches....a hardy crew of four riders made the grade.

Two more PBs tonight so someone is doing something right. Chapeau Jason and James and well done to all for turning out. I get lonely at the roadside on my own....


Monday, 15 May 2017

91st Annual Coxwold Cyclists' Service - 14 May 2017

Our story begins on Saturday evening when a certain Chief Trike Wrangler spent circa two hours in a pleasant and swear-free manner getting three trikes into the back of one van.

This was supposedly made slightly easier than previously by the acquisition of one trike that folds.

It was obvious however that the Origami skills required to fold said trike had not been taken into account in this new equation.

Eventually however all nine wheels were within the confines of said van and all doors were closed and the Wrangler retired to bed to recover from the injuries inflicted upon his person by sundry chain rings.

A waking up time of 06.30 hours had been decreed by the Expedition Leader to allow for the inordinate amount of time that the Expedition Members find they require to get out of bed.

However the actual waking up time proved to be 04.30 due to Cat A appearing to want egress to the garden by trying to break down the bedroom door.

On descending the stairs to open the door to said garden it was ascertained by both Cat A and Expedition Leader that it was in fact precipitating it down and the cat egress was cancelled.

This did not bode well for later but as it turns out all moisture had ceased falling downwards by 06.30 leaving only sundry puddles, none of them cat related...

After availing himself of various breakfast comestibles the Expedition Leader was sufficiently fortified to apply himself to the onerous task of getting the Expedition Members, Fireman Sam and Jerry Lee Lewis out of their stinking flea-ridden pits.

This duty was eventually completed and after saying a fond farewell to Pup A and Pup B (who were to be tended to by Grandparents A and B in the absence of Mum and Dad and Brother from another Mother) the gallant little crew staggered bleary-eyed out of the door.

A trouble free spin along the motorways to Boroughbridge was completed and then all that was needed was to extract trikes 1 and 3 from Percy the Van (he's green you know) and then remove the sundry elements of trike 4 and put it back together again.

To provide some comfort in this procedure the Wrangler had brought a king size quilt to spread upon the tarmac to protect both the folded shiny red converted bank notes and his old knees.  Eventually, and just as the CTC were arriving to clutter up the car park, all was ready and posing only for a quick snapshot of the public conveniences with trikes akimbo the gallant crew departed.

We took our usual route via Aldborough (the one in North Yorkshire, not the one in Suffok in case you were wondering) through the lovely villages of Lower and Upper Dunsforth where no mortal man can afford to live and on to the toll bridge at Aldwark which shook and rattled beneath us as if it were about to breath its last and fall into the Ure below.

On then to Easingwold where a break was taken for bananas and random crunch bars outside the parish church before the hilly part of the route began.
Suitable refreshed we ploughed on to Oulston and thence to the top of the quite splendid descent to Newborough Priory and Coxwold village.

The only mishap encountered on the outward course was when Jerry Lee Lewis lost his genuine Tour de France freebie King of the Mountains cap coming down a hill.

Needless to say he was allowed to go back for it...

The usual splendid WI spread in the village hall was dealt with in a cursory manner.  This year the Chief Trike Wrangler had also been promoted to Chief Cyclists Choir Wrangler and along with Chief Soloist, also newly appointed, the climb to the church was made to find the Cycling Organist and practise the Choir item our gallant leader had selected for his first time in charge -"Hills of the North Rejoice".

This went well and Imps were well represented in the choir by Graham, Rebecca and Reid with a smattering of Calderdale CTC by Dave D.

Fireman Sam had decided she didn't want to be soloist so Chief Wrangler was forced to perform
en-duet. This item on the bill was slightly marred by some cack-elbowed choir member knocking the bluetooth speaker (carried for the last 20 miles by Chief Wrangler in his pannier) onto the floor thus rendering it unwilling to play the required accompaniment.

Still the show must go on and we managed with just the speaker on the phone.

The address this year was given by the Reverend Graeme Holdsworth, a member of VC167 who is newly ordained and riding LEL this year.  - I have no idea if these two items are in any way connected.

Service over we laid the commemorative wheel on the grave of the founder of the service Canon Gibson Black and retired back down the hill to finish off the left overs.

Pausing only long enough to get roped into marshalling next week's York Rally Sportive - (see you there folks) - the trinity of trikes began their return to the fleshpots of Boroughbridge.

As is ordained by statute and cycling lore our return journey went via a different to the outward and was a 6 miles shorter route through the flatlands of Little Sessay and Hutton Sessay.

By now a practised hand at van trike stuffing it was a matter of mere minutes before all was packed and the tedious motorway trolling home could begin.

All in all another splendid visit to a splendid event that requires more support as it approaches its 100 anniversary.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Circuit Training 9 May 2017

Despite a sizeable portion of the club being active overseas in both Spain and Italy we still managed to attract seven competing riders and two just-visiting riders on what was the first warm and sunny night of the season.

A first time appearance by road racing man Mr Sean Smith saw him move straight to number 8 in the overall standings.  Four others all attained PBs in the near perfect conditions - chapeau to Messrs Stead, Timson, Cleminson and Clegg.

Additional audience support came from Jack and Damian whilst the usual suspects faffed on the Tardis controls.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sunday Run - Gargrave

This week's Sunday Run will be a 61 mile ride to Gargrave. Starting at Toyshop at 09.30.

The route can be found here: https://www.strava.com/routes/8551347

Hope to see you out and I'm sure it'll be a better ride than anything Majorca can offer.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Circuit Training 2 May 2017

The TDY crowds were noticeably absent on the Norland heights this evening.  The field of riders was also a trifle less than full but those who did turn out were rewarded by conditions which proved so favourable that three PBs were obtained!

These went to the doughty trio of:
Messrs Brabbin, Timson and Ollerenshaw (Commissioners for Oaths and Small Bets Placed).

Chapeau boys!

We also had the honour of both Mr and Mrs Lloyd on their first (and we are sure not last) visit to the circuit.  Welcome both.

John and Ian completed the full house of seven souls.

Results below: