Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Time Trial Training 18 July 2017

After a week off for weather we once again returned to the moor and a warm but blustery day saw 12 riders, three spectators and the usual Timelord (gender unchanged despite what the BBC might be doing...)gathered to partake of some pain.

Two new faces tonight - welcome to Eddie and George for their first attempt - one lap this week but hopefully up to two next week.  Good riding lads.

Once again Adrian and Jude reduced their one lap time for the third time in a row.

Of the two lap crew JK, Richard and James all managed PBs as well despite the wind.

Following on from the monthly meeting when we agreed that we would allow two-up riding Tom and Lewis took the first go at being a team and their time of 19.50 would have been a PB for both of them if ridden solo so it was fairly obvious that they had gelled as a team and we wait with interest to see if they can bring this down further.

All in all a very successful evening.

The total number of individuals who have ridden this season now stands at 29, just one less than in 2016 although still below the figure of 39 in 2015.  Let's hope we get some more out. Plenty of time before October.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The return of the Timelords...

Following a malfunction in the central matrix the Timelords spent last week marooned in 12th century Kazakhstan and so were unable to upload a TT training report.

Suffice it to say that numbers were sadly reduced with only Adrian and Jude actually showing a leg to the watchmann...

Now back in the correct time and place we are able to report that numbers rose threefold this week to a massive six riders.

Once again Adrian and Jude improved their one lap times for the second week running. Well done especially to Jude who is still on an ATB with 2" nobblies if you'll pardon my French.

Everyone else recorded good times but no other PBs were to be seen.  Two weeks worth of
Timey-wimeyness is appended below:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Sunday Ride 25th June

There will be a Sunday run tomorrow, starting at 10.00 from the Toyshop. Taking in the Isle of Skye route. About 50  miles, hope to see you there.

Official ride leader - Holly Norris

Friday, 23 June 2017


Pic: Peter Ramsden
I thought arriving at Mytholmroyd at ten to 7 would give me plenty of time to sign on riders, but the number of entries meant that the whole 25 minutes before the start was a bit of a blur.

We had a fantastic turnout of 52 riders who entered the ride, and others who joined us later having ridden part of it, or having ridden with the Imps. Here are the times of all those who entered. The distance was a tad shorter than last year as we finished at the pub. If anybody has been marked as a DNF, who did in fact 'F', then please let me know and I'll amend the table.

Well done to the first man back; Ben Stead and the first lady; Holly Norris.

Thanks to all riders for making it a great event, the Robin Hood for organising the food and allowing us to end the ride here, to Reid Anderson and Graham Joyce for helping out, and to Graham Lloyd, whose baby this ride is - he was unable to organise the ride this year due to work commitments. I very much enjoyed deputising.

El Presidente Needham 'I'm from Halifax...Halifax in England!'

I don't think this guy was on our ride but that didn't stop me taking a picture of him.

Andrew Mann rediscovering the joys of 2, rather than 3 wheels

Imps Style Director Adrian

The Descent of Blackstone Edge 'at least we don't have to ride up it...oh wait'

The first bunch back

The weather was even nice enough to drink outside, until the midges noticed us.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Cicuit Training 20 June 2017

Having had hot sunny weather for several days the summer resumed its normal conditions tonight of just above freezing with a stiff breeze. Nonetheless the conditions proved perfect for at least four of tonight's riders who got PBs. Chapeau peeps!

Adrian did one lap on fixed taking round Jude on his MTB so they both got the same time. We expect great things here!

Blackstone Two Three

Blackstone Two Three will start from the bus stop at the bottom of Cragg Vale this Thursday 22nd June at 7.15pm. Meet at 7.00 to sign on. Unlike last year the ride will end at the pub, rather than at the bottom of Cragg Vale, so that people don't have to head back up to the pub afterwards.

The Robin Hood Inn will provide sandwiches and chips for £5 per person if you would like some post ride tuck.

If you can't make the ride, those doing the usual Thursday ride are welcome to join us at the Robin Hood after!

The ride costs £1 and all proceeds go to Parkinson's Disease Research.