Friday, 15 September 2017

Circuit Training 2017 - review of the season

The last evening for Circuit Training has been and gone this last Tuesday (no-one apparently noticed it was going except Timelords A and B who waited until exactly 19:00 and no later and schlepped into the pub for tea.)

So the Norland sufferfest is over for another year and in due course the cellar of suffering will re-open for roller racing.(Probably first Tuesday in November - watch this space!)

Now for the stats:

We had a total of 33 individuals riding this year, an increase of 3 over 2016 but still shy of our best year in 2015 when we had 39.  Nonetheless a reasonable season.

The top of the two lap places in our league table remained unchanged - Chris Smith retained top spot although he didn't ride this year - pressue of work has taken over....(Correction. ANM)

Martin Gargett retained his second spot and DID ride but was unable to reduce his 2016 time.

Paul Cre was displaced from third spot by Ben Stead before his season was cut short by injury.

Fastest lady spot is still held by Sarah Burbidge although she too did not ride this season having also suffered at the hands of our third-world road surfaces. :(

Second lady saw Nikola Matthews displace Catherine Sweeney down to third spot.

Of those who also rode last year nine improved their PB times with the largest such improvement being made by Nikola who reduced her time by 2.17.

Well done to everyone who rode. My thanks to those who stood in as Watchmeister in my absence.

The final lists are appended below:

two lap chart updated to add Mark M.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Circuit Training 29 August and 5 September 2017

Once again Mr Scott took over the bridge of the Timeship on the 29th to time a total of five riders. Only one Pb this time for Tom. The following week Mr Scott returned to riding duties following the reappearance of the Chief Timelord after his sojourns in foreign parts. Only four braved the somewhat cold and blustery conditions which precluded any PBs this time but chapeau to all those who put in the effort.

Two weeks results below:

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Time Trial Training 15 August 2017

In the absence of all Timelords and Time pups in Staffordshire on recumbent tricycle tandem inspection duties (yes we bought it...) the reins of power were last night in the firm grip of Mr Ian Scott. A small but perfectly formed field of four riders and three watchers were also present.

One PB for Jack - chapeau.

Results below copied from Facebook:

Next week the Time-lordly duties will once again be in the hands of Mr Scott as the new owners of the Yellow Peril, as it is now known, take it to Scotland for secret speed trials.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Time Trial Training 1 August 2017

Tonight saw the debut of the Timelord's newest two wheel acquisition viz the Thorn Voyager tandem which was stoked for a one lap time prior to the arrival of the main field by wicked step-daughter Sally with the added advantage of time keeping by Mrs Timelord aka Mum. (no bias there at all..)

Both tandem and stoker acquitted themselves admirably and the Timelord was pleased with the set up of the new machine. Unfortunately the stoker is buggering off back to Mexico tomorrow so that seat is once again vacant....any volunteers?

One further new face joined us tonight - welcome to Jamie who put in a time that placed him 10th overall for the season thus far.

A considerable wind was blowing but this did not prevent Richard from reducing his PB time for the second week in a row in search of that sub 19 minute Holy Grail. Chapeau and keep at it.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tracking the ultra-Imps

This weekend two Imps set off on ultra-endurance rides: Matthew Cockerham on the Transcontinental race, and Chris Bullock on London-Edinburgh-London. Best of luck to both! Their progress can be followed here: