Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Time Trial Training Week 4

Another sunny if somewhat blustery evening saw 5 additions to the names for 2018 with a total field of 10 riders and 2 spectators in addition to the Timelord who had warmed the course up for everyone else by taking Trike 4 round it first. 

A night for PBs with FIVE in total including one for Gabby on her newly acquired Liv machine. (Thanks dad.)

She's so keen she carried on riding round with the old man after the timed two laps when all the rest had retired to the Spring Rock....further PBs are expected once she has got the hang of the new machine.

Special mention to Nikola who is of course riding a personal two-up!

Lewis dipped under the 20 minute mark despite being baulked by a bus and a cyclist in a car who decided to park on the finish line as Lewis was passing it and then got out and asked if there was a "a race on" whilst unloading a bike to go for a ride.....need to invent a new pejorative for that kind of dumb. Suggestions on a postcard please.

Well done to everyone and let's keep these numbers going!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Official Sunday Club run 2018 number 2

Having volunteered to take on the second official Sunday run I managed to get myself to the Piece Hall in plenty of time to take a picture of my recently polished machine and have a lie down on one of the seats...

Not enough time to ensure the picture was in focus it would seem though.......

I will refrain from trying to remember everyone's names and getting them wrong - just suffice it to say we had eight riders in total. Several new faces to me and one first time possible new member.  Sadly I had no membership forms stuffed in my jersey so Lewis will have to catch Mr Page later.

Here is the assembled rabble group in pre-depart pose, similarly slightly out of focus. Bugger this bright sunshine stuff!

Weather very warm, wind very light. Route already checked last Thursday so just a simple matter of getting everyone to the Cellar Pot cafe in Newmill for refreshment stop one whilst trying not to get dropped too badly on the hills on the way.....everyone always waited at the top for the aged ride captain...  :)

Regrettably we lost one member on the descent to Uppermill due to his only taking one left instead of two on the drop down.  He just spent lots of time in the second cafe in Holmfirth instead but was never seen again that day......

Cafe was suitably quiet as I had hoped it would be as it isn't visible from the roadside!  This view is the back - the frontage on the main road is actually level with the second floor windows and the cafe is at the lower level. The "Cellar Pot" is its name and all day breakfast is a massive £4.95!!

Back view of cafe above with interior shot below:

Cafe stop done we set off once more to climb the never ending upward slopes of Saddleworth Moor up to Wessenden, stopping briefly in my case to speak to a certain Mr Saleem who was coming downwards as we went up.

Three quarters of the way up I was passed as if I was standing still (which to be honest wasn't far from the mark) by Jack who had obviously not read the memo about starting at 09.30am and joined us for the rest of the ride.

After an excellent descent at speed we stopped for coffee and similar items at The Bloc cafe in Holmfirth. All very continental in the sun and heat.

After coffee stop two we chain-ganged our way straight to Huddersfield and thence to Halifax Old Road and up to Ainley Top where all went their merry ways home.

It is with a heavy heart that the ride Captain has to report that he and he alone went for a pint...standards are slipping....

All in all we had a good if somewhat hot day. Devoid of encounters with muppets in motors for once. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Time Trial Training Week 3

As the evening was most pleasant the Timelord actually rode out to officiate this week although he sent his equipment along separately in a motorised conveyance.

Despite the absence of several regulars "in Italia" we still managed a field of 9 riders (one on escort duty).

This week also saw the first set of PBs for the season with Gabby Timson riding a proper road bike this week taking her initial two lap attempt down by over 4 minutes.  Chapeau.

Dad is now on the look out for a nice female-specific road bike in a size about medium.......anyone??

Lee pere et fille both reduced their one lap times.  Chapeau again.

Lewis and Martin set off to record a two up but Martin was forced to withdraw due to feeling unwell so Lewis continued alone.

Still plenty of daylight available for anyone else who wants to come and try to get on the leader boards.....

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Time Trial Training Week 2

Hot on the heels of the TDY and hot on the heels of the hottest May days since records began we found ourselves back to 12 degrees and raining at 19:00. Luckily the bit of rain ceased and the evening was run off in dry conditions with 8 riding for times along with Chris as support for newcomer Gabby.

No PBs yet, but it is early days. Still wondering when we will be seeing more of the newer members....?

Results below:

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Time trial training 2018 - Week 1

Somewhat later than last year (when we started on 11 April looking back at my records) the Timelord once again transported himself to a wind-swept Norland to officiate over the first of this year's contre la montre. 

A cast of thousands (well 6 riders) had assembled (compared to 8 riders in 2017 on the first event) on what was a dull and blustery night.

We had a further 3 spectating. Just as I stepped from the van it began to rain but luckily after about thirty seconds of spitting it stopped. Yeah!

No PBs were set tonight, the closest being .05 of second off in the case of Richard Hand.

Hope to see more new faces next week.

Results below:

Monday, 2 April 2018

Travels with a Zebra

Sitting here surrounded by yet more snow (or filthy slush to be more accurate) it is hard to imagine what a splendid day yesterday was...but it was and here is the result.

Suffering as I currently am from a seriously bad attack of the Black Dog, going out at all has been in short supply.

Whilst browsing various trike related sites I came across Natalie Wilson aka Zebra on a Bike

who is currently riding around the coastline of the UK to raise funds for research into and awareness of EDS from which she suffers.

So not only does she suffer from a debilitating illness but she chose to depart on 24 February which means that she has ridden through all the ghastly weather of the last two months, losing only ONE day in the process. (well 'ard and/or totally off her rocker.)

Her explanation for this when asked is to avoid the tourist traffic in the lanes of Devon and Cornwall on the trike.

I have been watching her progress on Strava, Facebook and her Blog. She invites people to ride with her and after serious pondering I opted to do just that yesterday, ably assisted by Samantha as support vehicle driver and Club mascots 1 and 2 as moral support.

So, let me tell you a tale....

The day I selected (1 April...that must be an omen...) was forecast to be cloudy with a 15% chance of rain but as it transpires ended up being both sunny and totally dry. (Yeah.)

I contacted Natalie and asked her if I could join her for the day (Pilling near Glasson to Penny Bridge near Greenodd being the route, just shy of 60 miles).

Her normal start time is 07.30 but she very kindly moved it to 08.30 to allow us slightly more time in bed before we set off to drive over to Pilling from Bradford, meaning a 06.30 start Chez Mann. (Yeah.)

Meeting was arranged at the Elletson Arms, Stake Pool:

Amazingly we got there early and had time to unload and assemble the trike and walk the mascots before Natalie arrived from her overnight stay. On arrival she promptly set to fixing a slow puncture in one of the front wheels.

She did this with speed and skill and all was well until the valve core came out whilst unscrewing the pump head after inflation. Oh bother!

With some further pumping assistance from yours truly tyre was re-inflated...

After arranging to meet the support van and crew in Arnside for lunch the duo of trikes was away toward Glasson:

I was a little worried that I might struggle to keep up given that Natalie has ridden 1500 miles this year so far and I didn't even manage that for the WHOLE of 2017!

However Natalie was carrying about 9000 lbs of luggage so that evened things out. (Sniggers evilly).

It only occurred to me just before meeting Samantha and the van at lunch time that this luggage could have gone in the van...duh. (Honest Guv'nor).

This situation was remedied for the second half of the ride, but in the end my little legs held out. Phew.

The mornings route took us across the canal by Glasson looking splendid in the early sun

and on into Lancaster and thence over the river onto the cycle path

and then on to Morecambe in a reverse of the Midnight Madness Morecambe rides.

Natalie enjoyed the path and the only problem encountered was the gates on the level crossing which both needed to be held open to allow a trike to be got through.

As luck would have it despite the path being fairly empty all the way we were met and assisted here by one long distance runner who was also a sports nutritionist and one cross country skier practising on his inline skates.

The nutritionist asked Natalie if she was avoiding sugar...luckily he hadn't seen her empty all the chocolate from the shelves of a Spar in Bolton Le Sands under the cover of buying a new tooth brush.......

I asked Natalie if she would be posing for a picture with Eric on the Prom and she didn't know what I was talking about!!!  (She's young and SOUTHERN so we must forgive her...)

Anyway pose with Eric we did, with some of us making more of an effort than others....

From Morecambe we schlepped up the coast towards Carnforth, pausing only for a shot across to the distant snowy Lakeland Fells...

The way to Carnforth was mostly another cycle path type affair which had only one awkward moment when a bridge turned out to be not quite as wide as my trike...I have quick releases on my front wheels which Natalie does not making my trike slightly wider than hers and they got stuck...in the end I managed to get across with the usual application of brute force and ignorance to an accompaniment of mocking laughter - apparently only the weak of mind require quick releases....

From Carnforth it was left turn to Silverdale and thence to Arnside for an alfresco lunch (yes it was that nice a day) at The Albion.

Natalie has her Iphone mounted on her bars and can therefore take fine shots as she rolls along like this one of my bald patch heading down to Arnside:

The lunch at the Albion was quite splendid and we even had time for a pose with the Club mascots in a landlocked skiff...

After lunch I kindly allowed Natalie to leave her small-elephant weight luggage in the van to be taken to the finish by the Road Crew.

From Arnside it was up the road to get cross the river Kent at Levens, Natalie lamenting the fact that the Kent Viaduct has no accompanying cycle path alongside like the bridge at Barmouth thereby requiring a 16 mile ride around.

From Levens we criss-crossed the A590 on the cycle path that is the old road to Grange over Sands again with virtually no traffic at all. Bliss.

Thence along to Flookborough and Cark and past the big house at Holker and onto a final cycle path through the grounds of said big house courtesy of his lordship. (Tugs forelock.)

This path was only slightly marred by becoming little more than a sheep walk for the last few hundred yards before a bridge over the Leven took us to our finish at the Britannia Inn in Penny Bridge.

Here the support crew and I had tea (eventually leaving Natalie to be looked after by her hosts for the night in the village) before returning tired but pleased to Bradford.

This was a great day's riding and Natalie is inspirational in her permanently cheerful and determined manner, even after she's had to listen to me all day.

Chapeau to her and if any of you have some spare time to join her when she comes back around onto the East Coast I'm sure she'd be happy to see you.

Please take the time to look at her Blog and consider a donation via her Just Giving page the details of which are appended below.